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We wrote the book on Data-Mining Decision Simulations

Decision Sciences provides a full range of litigation intelligence services for litigators, law firms, claims managers and in-house counsel to identify, manage and minimize risk.  From litigation simulations to settlement appraisal, from trial preparation to post-trial analysis, DSI delivers intelligence driven solutions for scientific risk detection and suppression. With our strategic partner, JURYZOOM Systems, DSI is the industry leader in bringing technology solutions to answer the challenges of 21st century litigation.


for Settlement & Trial


Controlling Risk with Decision Simulations 
and High Tech Data Mining (with the JURYZOOM MRI)

  • Focus Groups
  • Juror Profiling
  • Message Testing
  • Mock Trials
  • Witness Prep
  • Settlement Value
  • Venue Studies
  • Exhibit Testing
  • Voir Dire

Who uses Scientific Risk Simulations ?  

Those who seek quality, lessons learned  Decision-Making

--- without the Risks of Trial and the Consequences of Error.

  • National Sport Teams, for game-planning

and opponent research

  • United States Military
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Manufacturing & High Technology
  • America's most profitable insurance companies
  • America's most winning plaintiffs' lawyers
  • America's most successful defense counsel


Litigation Technology News

  • JURYZOOM Labs releases 4th generation juror profiling protocol
  • JURYZOOM Labs developing new Client Visual Access system
  • JURYZOOM Labs releases updated ProbeScanTM juror profiling
  • JURYZOOM MRI licensed to Decision Sciences Inc.

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